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Having nearly finished the kitchen, I'm now itching to get started revamping the living room. It's going to have to wait until the new windows are in, but that's not going to stop me dreaming about sofas. If you follow me on instagram you'll know I have a thing about yellow, and lately I've been wondering whether I could get along with a yellow sofa?

I realise this may send some of you running for the hills, as there is an often-touted maxim that you should keep your large furniture items neutral, then add colour with accessories. But there's something about the statement of a coloured sofa that a bright cushion or throw just can't match. It might be bold and it might be brave, but it doesn't have to be 'loud.' Just look at the former home of Jenna Lyons, above, for yellow sofa inspiration – this image is an oldy but a goody – and that sofa livens up what is otherwise a fairly classic living room no end.

Or how about this rather more masculine take on the look? Yellow sofa + black and white rug = instant style.

Perhaps the yellow is a reaction to how fed-up I am with the current dark grey, bulky sofa that resides in our living room. My main bug-bear is its very high arms in an unfashionably curvy shape (absolutely no good for resting a drink on – in fact you can't even reach over the arm to the side table). Those arms also feel a bit like a barrier when you walk into the room, and the colour just saps any energy. You can just about see the current sofa in this picture below – I've done my best to hide it under a moroccan rug and copious cushions, but alas, I can't disguise its size.

So, where can you find a cute and comfortable yellow sofa? Well, there are a fair few options on the high street if you are feeling brave! Here are 3 of my favourites:

1. Bo Concept, Carlton sofa

I can vouch that this sofa from Bo Concept is beautifully comfortable – slouchy yet slim and elegant. Their Napoli corduroy velvet in golden beige is a subtle take on yellow and comes in at just under  £3k for a 3-seater sofa.

2. Swoon Editions, Munich sofa

A more budget-friendly option is Swoon Editions. A good few of Swoon's sofas are available in this Honey velvet colour. They are extremely affordable (less than £1000 for this 3-seater). My favourite shape would have to be the Munich, shown. It's slim, long and doesn't have too many fussy cushions (so you can add your own!)

3. Love Your Home Jasper Sofa

Thirdly we have the Jasper sofa from Love Your Home, shown in mustard brushed cotton (love the legs!) This is priced in between the other two at £2371 for the model shown, but does have a chaise section for extra comfort!

So, what do you think? Could you go for a yellow sofa? Or any other bright colour for that matter? I will spend my holiday considering, and trying to persuade the other half!

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  1. I love brave bright colors of the sofas. They're not very practical while you have kids though, so for now we have a standard grey sofa. I want to have one in the future. I noticed gorgeous flooring on the first inspiration picture! I'm a big fan of wooden flooring. In fact, I've put quick step flooring Aberdeen on my wish list. We're going to have a flat makeover next summer so I think there would be plenty of occasions for implementing new fun ideas!