Shop the look: McMafia interior style

1/30/2018 09:15:00 am Unknown 0 Comments

Is anyone else watching the BBC's latest big-budget drama, McMafia? I am officially obsessed. And not with the storyline (or James Norton for that matter, although both are quite watchable). It's the McMafia interiors that I can't get enough of. There is opulent 'oligarch chic' aplenty, if that is your thing, but it's the home of main character of Alex Godman and his fiancee Rebecca that really has me drooling. The interiors of their London Mews house are moody, muted and absolutely to die for.

If you love a bit of global design, a dash of mid-century modern and the odd 1970s twist, then you might just love the McMafia interiors as much as I do. I think the style could best be summed up as urban nomad.  It says 'hey I've travelled the world, I've picked up a few hand-made, artisanal pieces along the way; I can work a moody paint colour and inherited these cool mid-century antiques from my parents. But I'm not actually trying too hard, I've just thrown it all together in this very contemporary yet understated way.'

Given the McMafia storyline spans pretty much every continent, it seems only fitting that the hero's home reflects this global vibe. It's the bedroom that I'm particularly swooning over. The mix of grey and beige; the framed African textiles; teak bedside cabinets and iconic Jason chair.  If you're not watching on a Sunday night, then these screenshots should give you the gist.

I've put together a little moodboard for anyone else who fancies a McMafia style bedroom (minus the hitmen and dirty money, obviously). So here is my take on the urban nomad bedroom, McMafia style:-


So what are the key elements? A neutral but warm backdrop is a good start. Alex and Rebecca have grey paint on the wall behind their bed – something like Little Greene French Grey would be a good option, with French Grey Pale on the remaining walls.  Or go a little warmer with Serpentine (also LG paints).

Natural linen headboard £103.50 from Maisons du monde. Or Loaf have some good options if you want a fully upholstered linen bed.
Mid-century bedside cabinets. Alex and Rebecca have some simple, teak bedsides and Vinterior have a number of great options. (If you haven't already checked Vinterior out, then please do. It's a great resource for vintage pieces – bringing together lots of independents into one easily searchable and shopable market).
Bedside pendant lights: These simple white cone pendants will do the trick! Pendants are a good idea next to the bed as they free up space on your bedside table.
Framed textile art: The McMafia guys have several huge framed textiles in the bedroom, great for adding pattern and interest but in a very quiet, understated way. Contact Hide & Seek London for framed vintage textiles to order.
Cushion on bed, vintage mud cloth: This vintage mud cloth cushion is very much in the 'modern nomadic' style we're after!
Natural linen bedding: you can't beat a bit of natural linen bedding, and pleasingly, the McMafia cast are leaving theirs crumpled (no need to iron!)
Vintage Jason chair: Alex Godman's gorgeous Jason chair provides a single splash of green in the McMafia bedroom. Vinterior (again) have a number of original Jason chairs, designed by Carl Jacobs in the 1950s, (although alas none in green). Still, I'd be more than happy to settle for this plywood number – Danish design never dates.
Kantha quilt throw: Another global touch for the bed, this Indian Kantha quilt would add some warm colour to the otherwise neutral bed.
African laundry basket. Alex & Rebecca have 2 of these (well, he can't keep his shirts so crisp without separating his whites from his colours, can he?) I notice Habitat also has some similar options.
Tribal vase: This West German pottery vase adds the right note of 'I just happened to collect this ages ago. Oh, are they trendy?'
Vintage pottery table lamp: mirroring the primitive lamps Alex and Rebecca favour around their  home. This one from (you guessed it, Vinterior) is suitably nubbly and tactile!
Faux leather dressing table: This would blend nicely into the walls without making a statement in its own right.
Slatted wooden blind: A simple window treatment, available made to measure.
Natural Jute rug: to add some natural texture to the floor. Although a deep, velvety carpet would work just as well.

So there you have it, a McMafia inspired, globally styled bedroom. I'm hoping that in next Sunday night's instalment they'll show the other side of the bedroom, you know, the side featuring a chair piled high with unsorted clothes... then I'll feel bang on McMafia trend! Happy Tuesday all.