Friday Five: Warsaw's coolest hotel, Autor Rooms

8/03/2018 08:28:00 am Unknown 0 Comments

Just one day to go until our summer holiday, and I'm definitely dreaming of a getaway. Today's Friday Five comes to you courtesy of the Autor Rooms, an amazing design hotel on one of the oldest streets in Warsaw. You can glean a good few interior design tips by examining hotels, and this one is a beauty.
Via Keep Calm & Travel 
Converted from an apartment by Mamastudio (who are actually a graphic design team), it is now a bijou 4 star, 4-bed hotel. The interiors feature Polish art, furniture and design – a concept the studio adhered to strictly throughout the renovation.  It's bijou yet grand, traditional yet modernist and certainly on my list of places to visit!

The communal dining area, above, sets the scene – fabulous original parquet flooring and architectural details have been complimented with modern art and stylish lighting. The look is beautiful but unpretentious, bridging the gap between hostel and hotel.

The bedrooms are each individually styled – their simplicity enhancing those gorgeous original features. Take this, the largest suite at Autor Rooms:

Via Wallpaper
I love the way this creative bedside/wall lamp solution gives the illusion of a grand headboard, whilst also keeping the bedside units clear. This wouldn't be too expensive to recreate at home with some extended lighting cable. The black wooden bathroom/wardrobe design is a very clever way of creating an ensuite without altering the fabric of the building. Hmmmm...wonder if I could fit one of those in our master bedroom?

This room features a platform, canopy bed (who knew you could have both?) fashioned from copper pipes, alongside a glass walk-in shower. Beautiful, but perhaps not for those fond of privacy!

And if light and bright doesn't float your boat, then how about this dark and moody bedroom? I love the black and blue colour scheme and another clever cabin-style ensuite.

Last but not least, the kitchen. Simple, homely and inviting, with an honesty bar to boot. What more could you want?
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Alas, Warsaw will have to wait. Our family holiday starts with the same letter, but is a little closer to home, Wales to be precise. (Fingers crossed this heatwave lasts, I don't fancy a week of downpours in the Gower!) I'll be taking a break for the next couple of weeks, so enjoy your summer all! And if you're still planning your next getaway, add Autor Rooms, Warsaw to your list.