Must have vintage sofas of the 1970s & 1980s

7/10/2018 07:30:00 am Unknown 0 Comments

We're all familiar with the beauty of a mid-century Danish sofa. The low clean lines, the slim arms, the aged leather patina ... Danish sofas of the 50s and 60s have been having a moment for what seems like years (I have certainly not been immune to their charms). But change is in the air – now their brasher, ballsier, plumper and, well, younger sofas are slowly but surely elbowing their way to the top of the savvy-sofa-investor's most wanted list. Sofas from the 1970s and 1980s are where it's at! I've been in two minds about sharing this post, as clearly I'd love to mop up all the great investment pieces before everyone else catches perhaps we could just keep this between ourselves?

1/ Number one on my list is the Maralunga sofa by Cassina. I've been hunting high and low for a maralunga 2-seater sofa for a client project, and I've finally come up trumps with a reasonably priced vintage find that will be reupholstered in a very cool this space! Seriously, the Maralunga is a classic – it works with pretty much any interior style and with its unique flip-up or down headrest design is comfortable enough to lounge on too. If you keep your eyes peeled they do appear on eBay every once in a while – or try 1st Dibs for a more pricey but beautiful option. In fact if budget allows, then these are still in production today (if you have a cool £5k to throw at one).

2/ The Togo sofa by Ligne Roset. Designed in the 1970s by Michel Ducaroy, the Togo is, again, still in production today (always a good sign if you want something timeless). The squishy, low and laid-back shape invites you to chill out and put your feet up. If you're lucky enough to find a reasonably priced, second-hand Togo sofa then you're onto a good investment, but beware the costs of reupholstery as these require an expert to recover.

3/ The Soriana sofa by Cassina (that brand again) is a 1980s classic – like a giant marshmallow, cinched with a chrome belt! These beauties are available in a whole range of fabrics, leathers and colours, although there are strangely few images of them adorning completed interiors, save this muted space by Kelly Wearstler. This squishy, comfy style would work anywhere from a soho loft to a hotel lobby to an East End living room. The matching chairs are pretty cool too.

4/ The Terrazza landscape sofa by De Sede, designed in 1972. Swiss brand De Sede are definitely a name to watch, I love pretty much every one of their designs, but first up has to be the iconic (and not for the feint-hearted) Terrazza landscape, as used (again) by glamour queen Ms Wearstler (who is absolutely not afraid of a 1970s/80s reference!)  Perfect if you have the space and the budget – these sculptural statement sofas are great in a pairs, but also work alone.

//1 DS600 // 2 DS140  //  3 DS85 // 4 DS44  // 5 DS2011 // 6 DS1025 Terrazza landscape  // 7 DS125 //

5/ My final tip would be to invest in pretty much any sofa by De Sede! It could be 1970s, 1980s or even 1990s, but I confidently predict that anything by this Swiss furniture brand is going to increase in value over the next 5 years – prices are already rocketing on the high end vintage sites. I'm still sniffling over a beautiful pair of De Sede 2011s I missed out on last month (does anyone else find it very difficult to stop kicking themselves over of a missed vintage bargain?)

Anyway, time to move on and get on with some work! Have a happy, (and if you're in London, humid) Tuesday!