Shop the room - relaxed Californian living space

10/13/2015 02:08:00 pm HELEN STILES 0 Comments

Hi, well I thought I'd start a new feature this week - Shop The Room. It's a pretty simple concept - take a really great room, analyse why it works, then figure out where you can get the look yourself! (Ok, so it's something I love to do anyway, but that's because I'm an interiors-nerd!) So, this room is the work of ace Californian interior designer Amber Lewis, with whom I happen to share a love of vintage textiles. I love this room because it's laid-back, but has some structure; has colour (but not too much); it's a little bit masculine but with soft edges. And of course, it has vintage textiles, leather and a huge rug - pretty much the backbone to any great room in my book!

So, why does it work?

Varied heights: the fig-leaf plant and the wall light both draw the eye upwards, meaning that everything is not at the same level. Your eye travels up and down, making for a more interesting composition.

Oversize artwork: the huge photographic print adds scale, whilst still being quiet. A smaller piece would be swamped by the rug and windows in this room.

Vintage textiles: add patina and personality to an otherwise very plain and simple sofa. 

Sheepskins: add texture, warmth and softness.

Bold patterned rug: a dash of pattern and colour livens up any space, and this rug really grounds the room and pulls all the furniture elements together. It's also large enough that all of the furniture sits on it which makes it feel spacious (in the UK we seem to be fans of putting a small 'postage stamp' rug in the centre of a rooms with floor visible all around. This tends to makes it look smaller and messier).

Pair of leather chairs: these add a nice masculine touch and a bit of mid-century modern design whilst also providing a little symmetry and structure.

Wooden stools: these make great informal extra seating but also add some rustic texture.

Where to buy?

If you like this style, then I've done the hard work for you and found a list of sources so that you can shop the key elements. Enjoy!

1. Serge Mouille style wall lamp / 2. Large photographic art print / 3. Safari-style chair / 4. Faux banana-leaf plant / 5. Sheepskin rug / 6. Vintage indigo cushion / 7. Graphic mud cloth cushion 8. Vintage indigo throw / 9. Afghan rug