Are diagonal stripes the new chevrons?

10/05/2015 10:33:00 pm HELEN STILES 0 Comments

I love a bit of pattern in a room, and especially something graphic. I have a black and white chevron rug in the living room that came from Urban Outfitters and really livens up the room, and a black and white cushion in the kitchen-diner that just improves the sofa. But I have a project on the go that calls for some pattern, and I'm struggling to commit. Whilst I'd usually go for vertical stripes or chevrons, I'm just not sure on this one. I think I've seen too many interiors shots from the States (where chevrons have been insanely popular for the last few years) but they've been overdone or used in a really matched, co-ordinated way – I much prefer things more relaxed and mixed-up. So basically I think I'm bored, and now prejudiced against the humble chevron. I want something with the same graphic impact, but just...different. Less obvious.

And then I stumbled across an image of a wall painted in diagonal stripes (over on Sarah Akwiscombe's blog) and I think I've found it! Diagonals! I love these orange and white stripes, but quite frankly I think they work in any colour.

How about these wide taupe diagonal stripes by Cuffhome? They provide a great backdrop to this fairly neutral scheme - providing just the right balance of subtle and statement.

(Photographed by Patrick Cline).

But diagonals don't just work on walls, people! They seem to be hanging out on floors and ceilings to equally great effect. See this floor at Cecconi's, Mayfair (designed by the fabulous Ilse Crawford). They add energy and flow to the space.

Or the ceiling of this super glam hallway by Kelly Wearstler, pulling your eye up to that great brass light fitting:

Or finally, how about just doing the lot: floors, walls AND ceilings - as in Jean-Louis Deniot's bathroom?

So now I'm on the hunt for the perfect diagonal striped fabric now. I predict a trend - diagonals are the new chevrons!  Maybe it'll be a thing (in which case you heard it here first), or maybe it'll just be me (in which case I'm original!) See, diagonals are win-win! So, what do you think?