Top 3 interior design trends from 100% Design

9/26/2017 02:18:00 pm HELEN STILES 0 Comments

I managed to escape the office last week to visit 100% Design at Olympia. It's one of the flagship events of the London Design Festival, and with over 400 exhibitors, it's a great place to meet like-minded design junkies and check out the latest. Here are the top 3 interior design trends I think we'll be seeing more of...

1. Pattern

First up is pattern. There's been a gradual resurgence over the past couple of years, and it would seem that's set to continue. Pattern was everywhere – on rugs, walls, furniture and accessories. There were fabulous textiles in bold and vibrant colourways from British designers such as Mairi Helena. Wallpaper's comeback shows no signs of abating, with patterns getting bolder, brighter and larger – look out for more murals and oversize patterns inspired by nature.  Brands such as Mindthegap (above) are producing really intoxicating large scale patterns in bold, beautiful hues, whilst NLXL (best known for their Brooklyn tin tiles papers) have a fabulous range of textured designs.

2. Glamour

Raw, industrial looks seem to be slowly giving way to more luxurious styles and finishes. Mullan lighting captured the mood perfectly with their Neiva chandelier (see picture, top); clearly inspired by factory-style lamps, the chandelier arrangement and polished brass finish add enough glamour to bring it right up to date.

On upholstery velvet was king, in a range of jewel tones. There was beautiful detailing too – brass tipped feet, contrasting piping and nailhead trims. Shapes were modern and comfortable, or retro and curvy (lots of mid-century influence in shapes, and more of a 1950s vibe too). Brass was prevalent on everything from lighting to furniture to kitchen cabinets and accessories.

Marble was the one to watch in the bathroom bathroom (and elsewhere). Huge white and grey marble tiles and slabs were still the most popular, but with more pink, green and brown marbles creeping in too.

3. Natural textures

Finally, natural textures continued to abound. Wood never goes out of fashion, and there were some really lovely, tactile pieces of furniture. Dining chairs with smooth, rounded frames (just made for stroking). Storage furniture was inventive, with cabinets made in everything from wood to lacquered cork (see above)! There was fabulous hardware too – including some beautiful, tactile door and cupboard handles wrapped in braided leather. Bringing in few natural textures is definitely de rigeur.

So, there you have it, my top 3 interior design trends for the year ahead. Enjoy the rest of your week!