Patterned carpet revival

3/21/2017 08:30:00 am HELEN STILES 0 Comments

If you thought patterned carpet belonged in hotel lobbies, your grand-parents' living room and JD Wetherspoons, then it might be time to think again.  I've been pleasantly surprised by the range of sophisticated designs now available, and frankly, I can't resist a bit of an interiors revival (I am the girl currently obsessed with brown 1970s Guzzini rise and fall lamps!) I mean plain carpet is safe and easy, but you've seen one plain griege carpet, you've seen them all, right?

I know there's been a flurry of striped stair carpets over the past few years, which can look really lovely, but for the purposes of this post I'm excluding stripes from the 'patterned carpet' moniker. It's not that I'm anti-stripe (far from it, I'd be ruling out half my wardrobe) it's just that we're not really challenged by a striped carpet anymore and I wanted to give a shout out to other, lesser-loved patterns.

The following 24 patterned carpets would look fabulous on stairs, in bedrooms, playrooms or even living rooms. There are several added bonuses too... if you put down a fabulously patterned bedroom carpet, then you can add neutral walls, some muted linen sheets et voila – instant style!  And of course for the time-pressed (or plain vacuum-phobic), then pattern does hide a multitude of sins. Then think kids' rooms...camoflaging the lego amid a sea of pattern has got to be a good thing, no? (Unless you're in bare feet, maybe I need to rethink that one actually).

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So what do you think? Could you take a risk on a patterned carpet? Apparently we're all striving to make our homes a bit more comforting and more luxe at the moment. So a cosy patterned carpet in your living room? It could be the next big thing.  I'd love to put a patterned carpet in my boys' bedroom. If I can just find something the same colour as Match Attax football cards I'll be laughing!*

*If you don't own any small boys then you are probably blissfully unaware that Match Attax cards are effectively crack for 8 year olds. These collectable, highly addictive football cards are apparently all-consuming to any boy under the age of 11. At least I hope it ends around 11. I can't bear too many more years of random, unpronounceable footballers gazing up at me from various floors around the house – where  the manically coveted cards all seem to end up. (Yep, I know, my fault for buying them...but that's the power of working mother's guilt).