6 things to learn from a Swedish stylist's amazing home

8/10/2016 11:42:00 am HELEN STILES 0 Comments

I've become something of a master at squeezing work in around the edges, and never more so than during the summer holidays with 3 children at home for 7 weeks! Typically I am really busy with design projects, so there's no opportunity to just slack off (and I thought having a boss was bad...) I can't complain, this is what I wanted after all! I was picking through some of my favourite rooms of all time for a little inspiration last night and was reminded of the fabulous house of interior stylist, Marie Olsson Nylander. I thought I'd share these images with you for a little hump day inspiration. If you haven't come across her work before, then you're in for a treat. And if you have, well...it never hurts to oggle afresh!

Nylander is a Swedish stylist, decorator, antique collector (and mum) and I just love her hip, eclectic style. It's a little bit Scandi, a little bit industrial, a little-bit boho and VERY laid-back, collected and cool.

I like to analyse what works in my favourite rooms, so here is my run down of the elements that make Marie Olsson Nylander's home so perfect.

1. Texture

First and foremost Nylander is a master of combining texture. Her home is heavily edited, but the pieces that remain are a wonderful combination of textures: she mixes worn wood with glass, vintage leather with french linen, shaggy rugs with concrete...the colour scheme is pared back but the texture gives you so much to look at.

2. Patina

Everything in Nylander's home is perfectly imperfect. From the scuffed dining table to the well worn fibreglass chairs, everything has some history and nothing is too pristine.

3. Art

Art equals personality, and Nylander demonstrates that you don't have to spend a fortune to add some. She mixes paintings with family photos and even torn out pages taped to the wall.  And she is a fan of sculptural elements too – from huge plaster cherubs to African busts. Even oversized planters and wooden spheres have the feel of an installation.

4. Metallics

A little dash of bling goes a long way in Nylander's home...and she's not afraid to mix her metals either. Whether it's this gorgeous little gold side table or the classic chrome arco lamp, the hints of shine contrast perfectly with all that wood and white.

5. Mirrors

Nylander has an amazing collection of mirrors in styles from every era. She is not afraid to make a statement with an ornate venetian mirror; prop a huge floor-standing one behind her dining table, or combine a simple, modernist style mirror with an over the top rococo console. Pure genius every time. This is one area where I need to seriously up the game in my house (I don't even own a full length mirror – aha they cry, that explains her sartorial choices!!)

6. Ethnic touches

Nylander's home is far from all-out boho, but does have a certain collected style. The odd tribal sculpture hangs out happily with some African fabric cushions whose earthy colours (combined with the largely black and white colour scheme) provide pattern and global flair. The strikingly dark hallway is complemented with a Moroccan boucherouite rug.

See? Beautiful, unique and understatedly amazing. Check out her instagram feed for more inspiration: @marieolssonnylander

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All photography Sara Svenningrud.