Design Seeking: 10 stylish side tables for the garden

6/20/2016 01:57:00 pm HELEN STILES 0 Comments

Oh I was all set to talk about gardens again this morning – only to wake up and find it's absolutely pouring with rain. Oh well, on the optimistic assumption that summer isn't over already for us Londoners, I will press on...


We still have a way to go before the decking of our patio area is complete, but given that I'm not much use on the building front I've been contributing by continuing to search for stylish outdoor furniture with which to adorn it. I've  already moaned on here about how difficult it is to find stylish garden furniture, but I did promise to share some of the best I found.

Today's stylish garden furniture theme is side tables. I love a side table or two – they're the little accents that can really enhance a room – so I'm looking for one or two to use on our patio. A well placed side table is always welcome and I try to make sure there's one next to every lounge chair/sofa, so that there is always somewhere to put your drink down or display a few bits and pieces. I wanted to bring that same vibe out onto the patio area and create a relaxed outdoor lounge, so I figure that a couple of strategically placed outdoor side tables will help to set the right tone. There are lots of lovely side tables available for indoor spaces, but of course, whatever I choose need to be able to stand up to the British weather!

After a fair bit of hunting, I've found a few great options, in a variety of styles and finishes (and most of these would work just as well inside as out). I'm pretty tempted to go for some concrete, to contrast with all the wood we'll have on our decked area, but then again, a dash of colour appeals too. Decisions, decisions! Anyway, here are 10 of the most stylish garden side tables I've found for under £250 (and most are under £100):-

1. Copper side table £85 ///Also available in silver.
2. Concrete mosaic coffee table £230 /// Ideal if you're after a larger coffee-table size.
3. Concrete-effect side table/stool £99 /// Quirky pleated shape would look great next to a wicker or wooden chair.
4. Gear side table £89 /// These polythene side tables come in several colour options and would also make great stools. The cog shapes can be grouped together to make a larger coffee table.
5. Kartell side table £135 /// A simple design classic, available in black or white.
6. Outdoor Luminous coffee table £196 /// Fabulous for evening gatherings, this is also an interesting shape to break up a boring patio space.
7. Concrete cube £125 /// These concrete side tables would look great on decking, and also make great stools if you need extra seating round a dining table.
8. Gunmetal storage table £83 /// From US chain Target (who now ship to the UK) this is a really practical choice, with storage inside. Also available in a copper, brass and silver finish.
9. Acapulco side table, £46 /// Perfect for adding a bit of tropical colour! Also available in red, pink, green, turquoise, black and white.
10. White ceramic side table £52 /// Another Target bargain with a dash of Moroccan-chic!

A little garden side table will work whether you've got a huge space to play with or a tiny balcony. And if you can bring it indoors for the winter months, then that just doubles the purchase justification, right?

Ok, now I'm off the the gym, I've been putting it off all day. Happy shopping!