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Our E-design service launched a couple of months ago, and it's already proving a huge success – with clients contacting us from around the UK (and the world) for help with their home decorating projects.  It seems that with busy lives, there is a growing demand for this type of fun, fast service – which lets you outsource the effort of pulling together a colour scheme, sourcing the right furniture and shopping around for the perfect accessories to someone who already has a wealth of knowledge and contacts at their finger tips! But with many people offering E-design services now, I thought I'd expand a little on what exactly this means, and how E-design differs from a full interior design service. 

Obviously different designers offer different services, but our E-design service is absolutely bespoke to each client. We don't offer 'cookie-cutter designs' that are simply tweaked and replicated, we work hard to make sure that every concept is exciting and unique! Effectively you get all of the design expertise but less of the hands-on help.

In a nutshell, our service works like this:

1. You fill in a simple design questionnaire telling us about your likes, dislikes and what you want from the room to be designed. You also share your pinterest boards on inspirational images and ideas for the space in question.  
2. You send us photographs of the space, details of any pieces you want to keep and room measurements (don't worry, we'll send you a measuring guide) 
3. We'll send you a quote (prices start from around £550 based on the size and scope of the project)
4. You approve it and we get started!
5. The fun bit – you get an inspiration board, room design scheme, floor plan and a shopping list of products. You can then simply click and buy!

If you're wondering how this differs from a full interior design service, then basically you are agreeing to do more of the work yourself. The design and interaction is largely virtual (online, email, with perhaps the odd Skype call). We'll come up with a beautiful design, but you will then:
- Buy the items yourself using the shopping list provided (we don't deal with deliveries, logistics or returns for you).
- You implement the design yourself, sourcing your own decorators, plumbers, electricians etc.

If you're wondering whether this is for you, then here is an example of a recent project to help you visualise the process...


Once we've exchanged ideas via pinterest (or Houzz) we'll produce an inspiration board that outlines the overall look and colour scheme for you to (hopefully) sign-off!


Once you're happy (and obviously convinced that we are amazingly talented and stylish) then we move onto the design scheme itself, with specific furniture, paint and accessory suggestions. 


We produce a scale drawing outlining the placement of furniture, rugs and key items to ensure that your scheme will work in reality (i.e. you won't be bumping into sofas or buying a rug that's too small). 


Finally, everything we have specified is laid out in one simple document so that you can just click and buy all your lovely things!
So, there you have it! e-Design is definitely the more affordable interior design option. Like most things in life, you end up paying with either your time (evenings spent googling furniture or weekends traipsing round showrooms) or your money – that's why designers exist! But e-Design can be an effective middle-ground between full interior design and trying to do everything yourself.

If you like the sound of e-Design services, then do get in touch (hello@hideandseek.london). I'd love to hear your views, or your experiences if you have any. Let me know in the comments!

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