How to spot the modern viking – and what to buy him for Christmas!

12/10/2015 06:00:00 am HELEN STILES 1 Comments

Ok, so I've been a bit quiet on the Christmas-themed blog post front, but there are so many Christmas gift guides and decorating tips out there in blog-land at the moment that I just didn't feel inspired. But I think it's about time to get with the programme and realise that there are only TWO WEEKS left until Christmas! Yikes! And given that tonight sees the final episode of The Last Kingdom on BBC2, I can't help but think about vikings again.  So, here is my round-up of what to buy for the Modern Viking in your life (because we've all heard enough about the bearded hipster this year, haven't we?)

The Modern Viking is a surprisingly common creature. He resides in both urban and rural areas, but is fairly easy to spot, as he typically enjoys:

1. Stoking a real fire. He probably claims he's the only one who can do it properly. (He might be right in my house!)
2. Creating a good feast – he's not afraid to roast a hog or two on his all-weather barbecue (or at the very least whip up a Sunday roast).
3. Being warm and comfortable – the viking favours comfort over trends, but that doesn't mean he isn't stylish. Think chunky knits, leather jackets and furry hats for outside; stylish lounge-wear for inside.
4. A good pint of beer (craft, of course, from a local micro-brewery).

The beard is optional.

These gifts should serve him well – clockwise from top left: Viking desk lamp / Leather kindling bucket / Organic British sheepskin /  Ginger Pig Meat book / Cowhide rug / Copper mugs / Peregrine Harley Zipper 

And if that's got your style juices flowing, then check out my post on Viking Luxe interiors – the perfect cosy style for Christmas homes!

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