Viking Luxe...the next hot interior design trend?

11/11/2015 06:00:00 am HELEN STILES 1 Comments

viking interior design trend

Has anyone else noticed how Vikings have suddenly become cool? Maybe it's because I've been watching the Last Kingdom, (or I've seen How to Train Your Dragon far too many times) but I suddenly have the urge to bring a little Viking spirit into my living room. I mean, I never thought I'd be taking my interiors inspiration from a bunch of ancient warriors...but then again, they were Scandinavian – and the Scandinavians are pretty influential in the world of interiors.

I've had this image above in my inspiration board for several years. I just love everything about it – the high ceilings, the dark paint, the huge sofa and the multitude of textures – sheepskin, wood, leather and stone. I mean who wouldn't love to have a room big enough for a double-sided chesterfield sofa and those enormous log racks? I guess technically it's probably chalet-chic, or modern rustic or some-such other design jargon. But I think any self-respecting Norse warrior would be pretty happy living there, don't you?

I think my whole Viking obsession really started about 9 months ago when I was trying to source some really special sheepskins for the online shop. I didn't want the same plain-old, lightweight sheepskins you so often see on the high street. I wanted British sheepskins with colour, texture and pattern. After much searching I located exactly what I was after from an amazing lady in the heart of England. Her sheepskins come from ancient-breed British sheep, tanned ethically and organically on her farm, to produce the thickest, snuggliest, most textured and beautiful sheepskins. But when I called back to place my order - disaster! Vikings had bought the lot! (When I say Vikings, what I really mean is the TV production company who made the Australian television series...but that doesn't sound quite as dramatic). Anyway, to cut a long story short it turned out the production company didn't actually need all of them, so I snapped up the rest, pronto!

All of which got me to thinking that the Vikings were clearly onto something when it came to cosy winter decor. I mean all the raiding and pillaging aside, they were generally up for a good time - feasting, treasure-hunting, feasting a bit more. And that's what I love about this time of year. Spending more time indoors, entertaining, cooking, lighting the fire, treasure-hunting (well, online Christmas-present hunting at least). Therefore I am officially predicting the next big interior design trend. Let's call it Viking Luxe.  Or maybe Viking Chic? Whatever it's called, it is all about dark, moody palettes, open fires, cosy textiles and natural materials. I mean sheepskins, cowhides and furs – with accessories in horn, leather, wood and stone. With a few metallic accents of course. I'm really drawn to dark chocolatey interiors at the moment – richly coloured walls and tactile textiles in linens, velvets and wool. It's definitely the sort of look that's influenced our Christmas Lookbook (have a peek if you haven't already).

So here's my Viking-inspired moodboard. The viking interior design trend is a fairly masculine style, offset by the metallics, the soft textures and the shot of warm peach from the cushion and tea-lights. (You could make it more masculine and swap the peach accents for olive green). It's definitely the type of Viking-inspired room I'd love to come home to after a cold autumn day. Or better still, after a hard day on the ski slopes! (I can dream...)

viking interior design trend

1. Rolling Fog Dark, Little Greene Paint  / 2. Leather chair, French Connection / 3. British Sheepskin   4. Cowhide Rug, Hide & Seek  / 5. Surface View Icelandic print 6. Viking lamp / 7. Side table, Abigail Ahern  / 8. Peach velvet cushion / 9. Vintage mud cloth cushion / 10. Naturally shed antlers / 11. Iron and horn vases  / 12. Mineral salt tea light  / 13. Rosewood sideboard  14. Wooden Zig Zag stool  / 15. Lumberjack wallpaper

See? Vikings ARE cool. So, Viking Luxe is the next hot interior design trend. You heard it here first!

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